Lauth: What Makes It the Best Multilogin and Antidetect Browser

Our goal is to go far beyond what already exists, to be steps ahead of your needs, and to surprise you when you realize that your new issue has already been anticipated and solved by us.

From the decision to start structuring your paid traffic operation base to choosing the perfect browser to manage your profiles’ contingency, questions arise, such as ‘Why should I use Lauth instead of other multi-logins?’ So today, we’ll clarify all these potential inquiries.

Where did it all Begin?

Our Lion was developed by a large team of security and technology experts who analyzed the entire landscape for several years prior to its launch. Our mission was to bring something extraordinary, truly functional, and genuinely secure to users. We emerged from the demand and complaints of traffic managers, affiliates, and other sectors. We decided to create something with a truly unique experience. And let’s face it… if you’ve searched, you’ve never found anything quite like it, right?

Alright, and what Exactly is the Function of Lauth?

Lauth is a multi-login browser designed with the primary goal of creating unique environments that have no connection to one another, simulating different machines with unique fingerprints. This aims to contribute to a safe and uninterrupted scale within the structure of our users.

Its key functionalities encompass: companies, entrepreneurs, and agencies managing multiple ad accounts; those wishing to hide their IP; changing fingerprints between each profile; simulating different machines for each profile created; and enabling large-scale advertising, among others.

Get to Know Lauth in Practice

Once downloaded, you’ll notice that our interface offers practical usability and is straightforward to navigate.

When adding or creating new devices, you have the flexibility to fill in information about it (customizing it as preferred for personal or team organization); define network connection types (Proxy, iProxy, 4G); device parameters (set the operating system and detailed fingerprint information); manage your cookies, add new ones, or export them, and create personalized notes for each profile.

When creating the profile and defining its settings, you’ll encounter individual functionalities for each of them:

  • Copy cookies from an existing profile to another browser;
  • Label profiles according to their current situation;
  • Assign a group to this device;
  • Custom notepad;
  • Adjust new fingerprint parameters (we recommend keeping the predefined settings);
  • Define which platform you’ll use the most;
  • Add a proxy for multiple or individual profiles.

Lauth vs. Other Multi-Login Browsers

Our platform was precisely designed to meet the needs of traffic managers, so some points (these are just a small fraction) make us unique.

  • 7-day guarantee: You can activate Lauth’s guarantee. Try the platform 100% free for 7 days without the need for payment details to start. This way, you can definitively understand and test if Lauth was made for you (and we bet it is).
  • Minimalistic and extremely well-organized interface: The famous basic but not basic. One of the key impactful points of Lauth is the format and organization of the entire profile structure. It comes with a user-friendly design intended to streamline all work.
  • Device Transfers: You can send profiles and devices to other users who also use Lauth, including all fingerprint data. This makes the sale of accounts infinitely more secure and avoids checkpoints.
  • Unique Usability: You can access all profiles simultaneously without needing to close one activity to continue another.
  • Integration with More Platforms: You can integrate systems like iProxy to create your own mobile ‘proxy’ structure. Or MacroDroid to create webhooks and perform actions remotely on Android devices, such as the ‘IP Change’ task.
  • Detailed Organization for Teams: You manage permissions and roles for each member of your team, including separate group and profile access.
  • Individual Fingerprints: Contrary to what beginner managers might think, the fingerprint isn’t just about the browser model or emulating the operating system. That’s just the tip of the iceberg (and barely that). Lauth features the most advanced technology in fingerprint creation, making your browsing secure and your operations protected.
  • Account Manager Support: Your subscription includes a manager who will handle any issues related to Lauth or any requests for tips and questions that may arise during your journey. You’ll never be alone.
  • Notes Section: Individual for each profile, with no limit to the number of notes.
  • Folder organization: Organize profiles by team, client, platform, granting access to the desired collaborators.
  • Status/Tags features: Quick shortcuts for you to personalize your profiles with the tag that represents them at that moment.
  • Bulk Actions: Transfer, profile creation, movement between groups, tag changes, renaming, and deletion, all at once if desired.
  • Profile trash: Deleted profiles within 30 days can be restored (access who and when deleted them).
  • Employee logs: History of employees’ actions – when they accessed, for how long, location.

How do Plans and Guarantee Work?

As we’ve mentioned, Lauth offers a 7-day guarantee, along with the 7-day free trial, totaling an amazing 14 days. During this time, you can thoroughly explore the features of the plan you’ve subscribed to. At the end of this period, you can choose to continue with the active subscription or cancel.

It’s important to subscribe to the plan that best fits your company’s structure. Your choice depends on your tasks, number of fingerprints and profiles, resource needs, if you work in a team, and, of course, the size of your company.

Monthly Plans

Annual Plans with Discount

Ideal for those who enjoy savings and can’t live without Lauth anymore.

Next, we’ll provide a link to the new Lauth features, summarizing them in detailed videos. If you have any questions, click here or get in touch with our support. We’re available to address your queries.

A bit of What our Users Say

Our goal is to go far beyond what exists, to be steps ahead of your needs, and to surprise you when you realize that your new problem has already been anticipated and solved by us. Undoubtedly, this is one of the factors that enable unique and positive experiences like those of some of these users.

And based on the facts and testimonials, the conclusion is up to you.

And of course, if you connected with us and felt that we can add value to your operation, whether in security, productivity, or scale, visit the official website to find more technical details. Also, you can download it to see all of this in action.

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