Lauth: What Makes It the Best Multilogin Browser and Antidetect?

Since the decision to start structuring your paid traffic operations to choosing the ideal browser to manage your profile contingencies, questions may arise, such as, “Why should I use Lauth instead of other multiple logins?” Today, we’ll clarify all these potential queries.

Where It All Began?

Lauth was developed by an experienced team in security and technology, analyzing the landscape years before its launch. Our mission was to provide something extraordinary, genuinely functional, and highly secure for users. It emerged from the demands and complaints of traffic managers, affiliates, and other professionals. We chose to create something with a truly unique experience. Let’s be honest, if you’ve searched, you’ve never found anything quite like it, right?

Sure, and what exactly is the function of Lauth?

Lauth is a multi-login browser whose primary objective is to create unique environments that have no connection between them, simulating different machines with unique fingerprints, aiming to contribute to a safe and uninterrupted scaling of our users’ infrastructure.

Its main functionalities encompass: companies, entrepreneurs, and agencies managing multiple ad accounts; those aiming to keep their IP hidden; changing the fingerprint between each profile; simulating distinct machines for each created profile, advertising on a large scale, and more.

Get to Know Lauth in Practice

Once downloaded, you’ll notice that our interface offers practical usability and ease of use.

When creating new devices, you have the flexibility to fill in the information about them (customizing as preferred for personal or team organization), set up network connection methods (Proxy, iProxy, 4G), device parameters (define the operating system and detailed fingerprint information), manage your cookies, add new ones, or export them.

When creating the profile and setting up its configurations, you’ll encounter individual functionalities for each of them:

  • Copy cookies from an existing profile to another browser;
  • Label profiles according to their current status;
  • Set a group for this device;
  • Adjust the parameters of your new fingerprint (we recommend keeping the default);
  • Define the primary platform you’ll use for the most suitable environment;
  • Add a proxy for multiple profiles or individual ones.

Lauth vs. Regular Browsers

While you can also use Lauth with your family, we believe it’s not the ideal use case. Therefore, this isn’t a viable comparison. Browsers like Chrome and similar ones are designed for common browsing without a focus on privacy.

Chrome Profiles: As mentioned earlier, the profiles feature isn’t designed for a multi-login system focused on data isolation but rather to allow different users on the same computer to have separate sessions and history.

This means all device and browser information is shared between profiles. Hence, if you have an operation on a regular browser and one account gets blocked, the others might face penalties too. Platforms recognize they all belong to you.

Extensions or browsers that hide fingerprints: Well… This is as risky as using all profiles in the same browser. But you can access this article where we delve deeper into this topic.

Lauth vs Other Multi-logins

Our platform was specifically created to meet the needs of traffic managers, so some points (these are just a small fraction of them) make us unique:

  • 30-Day Guarantee: You can activate Lauth’s 30-day guarantee, and if needed, receive a full refund within this period. This way, you can definitively determine if Lauth is the right fit for you (and we bet it is).
  • Minimalist and Extremely Well-Organized Interface: The famous basic, but far from basic. One of the most impactful aspects of Lauth is its format and organization of the entire profile structure. It boasts a design usability aimed at streamlining all tasks. No frills.
  • Device Transfers: You can send profiles and devices to other Lauth users, including all fingerprint data. This makes the sale of accounts infinitely safer and avoids checkpoints.
  • Unique Usability: Access all profiles simultaneously without needing to close one activity to continue another.
  • Integration with Multiple Platforms: Integrate systems like iProxy to create your mobile ‘proxy’ structure or MacroDroid to create webhooks and perform actions remotely on Android devices, such as the ‘IP Change’ task.
  • Detailed Team Organization: Manage permissions and roles for each team member. This includes group and profile access separately.
  • Individual Fingerprints: Contrary to what beginner managers might imagine, fingerprinting isn’t limited to the browser model or operating system emulation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg (and a small tip, at that). Lauth boasts the most advanced technology in fingerprint creation, making your browsing secure and your operations protected.
  • Account Manager Support: Your subscription includes a manager who will handle any Lauth-related issues or provide tips and guidance throughout your journey. You’ll never be alone.

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