TikTok Ads: Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising at the Start of a New Trend”

A powerful platform that is growing and gaining a significant presence in the digital market. With the recent implementation of monetization in Brazil, it has further boosted content production and, consequently, increased the interest of traffic managers in reaching this vast audience.

Being a new tool, one of the advantages lies in the CPM (cost per mille), which has significantly lower values when compared to its main competitors: Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This is because the platforms operate on an auction format, where the more people participate in this auction, the higher the cost of advertising.

It’s a gradual process of growth, and these costs are likely to increase and become more competitive with other well-known advertising platforms in due course. Therefore, it’s worth seizing this opportunity and studying the algorithm to leverage these current benefits.

How can I start advertising on TikTok Ads?

The platform is very demanding when it comes to advertising. These requirements are defined and necessary to prevent the timeline from being filled with ads outside the conventional media guidelines, with little content, and, most importantly, misleading or uncomfortable ads that may lead to a loss of active customers.

As a result, certain products and promotions are not allowed, and there is a more extensive list of requirements to submit an ad. However, in general, it doesn’t differ significantly from what we are already accustomed to with other tools.

For now, not everything is rosy.

And as with anything new, the TikTok platform is not immune to certain inaccuracies. Its new algorithm sometimes ends up banning certain accounts that fall within the guidelines for blocking, but are still mistakenly targeted.

The platform’s customer service hasn’t received much praise from managers either. When submitting a request for a review of blocks, the response is often delayed, or automated messages are received without effective solutions.

It’s highly likely that the shortage of personnel in the platform’s review team is causing these requests to accumulate, thereby hindering the support demand for problem resolution and addressing managers’ questions.

Avoid getting blocked, follow our tips:

Link your main account to a TikTok Ads account and keep engaging with this personal account by interacting with the platform, commenting, watching, and browsing. This is not very different from warming up on Facebook but with a lower risk of being blocked for unusual activity or user behavior.

As with any other advertising platform, you should also conceal and isolate your fingerprint information and mask your IP address if you have multiple accounts. In summary, integrate your TikTok ad profiles with an anti-detect browser.

Embrace and understand the algorithm’s preferred format

During the creative process, prioritize humanized videos. Create an ad that aligns with the platform’s style and, of course, appeals to your audience. Use review formats, first-person videos demonstrating the product, and narration features created by TikTok itself.

Of course, the product must be eligible, meaning it should meet certain criteria that adhere to the platform’s guidelines (read the guideline sections carefully); your description text and audio should be clear; age-group targeting is essential to avoid reports, and your landing page functionality, how attractive your sales site is.

And if my account still gets blocked?

Don’t worry (or do worry?), during the creation of your first ad, you should receive a welcome block. It’s important to understand that a blocked account is not synonymous with a suspended account. It typically happens for document verification and ownership confirmation. To ensure that you’re a real user.

There is a predetermined time for the block to occur, and a chance to recover it before the deadline by contacting and presenting your defense. But, as mentioned earlier, demand is high, and your response may take time.

Therefore, maintain a robust contingency plan with multiple account options to continue operating actively on the platform.

Note on depositing balance into ad accounts:

Pay attention to the balance in your account. If your account is temporarily blocked, you can recover the balance, but if it’s genuinely banned, the platform’s policies state that the amount is non-recoverable. Avoid accumulating a balance. If you prefer to keep a balance, reserve only what you intend to use for your campaign to avoid complications.

In the end, it’s essential to have patience, understand the algorithm, and make the most of what this platform can do for your product. Know that by following the advertising rules to the maximum, you are unlikely to face frequent blocks and restrictions. If you adhere to the details of what is allowed and what is not and use them to your advantage.”

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