Google Ads – Account Restricted, Now What? Learn How to Prevent and Handle Suspensions

The success of a Google Ads campaign primarily relies on the positive feedback and experiences of the users themselves. For this reason, it is essential to strictly adhere to the policies and regulations set by Google Ads.

Google dedicates a significant amount of resources to ensure policy compliance. However, in some situations, even legitimate users can have their accounts suspended, as we discussed earlier with reports on Facebook and TikTok.

Causes of Suspensions

There are several reasons why a Google Ads account may be suspended. Some of these include:

  • Google Ads Policies: Google has an extensive list of policies that advertisers must understand. It’s important to be aware of all these policies to avoid violations. For example, having more than twenty ad accounts associated with the same email address is not allowed. This is the most common reason for suspensions.
  • Ad Grants Policy: If you are using Ad Grants, you need to implement accurate conversion tracking. This policy applies to accounts created after January 2018 and advertisers using smart bidding strategies.
  • Age Requirement: You need to be of legal age, as per the information provided when creating the Google Ads account associated with your Google account.
  • Billing and Payments: Unpaid balances or misuse of promotional codes can lead to account restrictions.

What to Do in Case of Restriction?

If your account has been restricted, you can try to submit an appeal or request to reverse the situation. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Google’s policy will only reinstate banned accounts in cases of “compelling circumstances,” such as identification errors. Therefore, if you’ve been banned, you’ve likely committed some form of violation.

That’s why prevention is crucial to avoid negative consequences for your business. It’s important to follow all Google Ads policies and guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of your account.

And what if, even after following all policies, you still face account restrictions? Fingerprint might have the answer.

Fingerprint – Your Ally or Foe?

One of the main reasons Google suspends an account “unexpectedly” is the tracking of your device fingerprint.

Your computer’s fingerprint is a collection of information about you as a user, gathered by third parties to create an identifiable and traceable profile. This information covers various areas, from hardware details, operating system, and geolocation to IP address, plugins, and fonts, among others.

In summary, if Google has suspended your account, it’s likely because they discovered that you were using multiple accounts, seemingly under different “Chrome profiles,” but all the device information led back to you as the owner of those accounts.

How to Avoid This?

The most successful companies are those that invest in organization and establish solid foundations. This is one of the most fundamental stages in building a business that can grow rapidly and endure.

If you plan to run multiple accounts, don’t risk using only different email addresses, incognito browsing, or virtual machines. These methods are not reliable and can be easily detected.

At this point, you need a quality multi-login service. We provide businesses with the ability to create thousands of virtual browser profiles, each completely isolated with its own fingerprint. These profiles are fully customizable, allowing you to appear as a genuine native device.

Each profile is stored with high levels of security, without data leaks or connections between them. Simply create a separate Google account for each profile within our service, along with network camouflage, ensuring distinct fingerprints. This way, your business will be much more protected than ever before.

You can run thousands of ad profiles without gaps in your setup. And the best part is that Lauth offers a 30-day guarantee so you can truly understand the benefits of our service.

Don’t risk your Google Ads account. Invest in a reliable solution and protect your business from unwanted suspensions.


Having your Google Ads account restricted can be frustrating and detrimental to a business. It’s important to be aware of Google Ads policies, follow all guidelines, and avoid violations to prevent suspensions. However, even when following all the rules, account restrictions can occur due to fingerprint tracking and other technical issues.

In such cases, relying on a multi-login service like Lauth can be the solution to protect your account and run multiple accounts safely. Investing in prevention is essential to avoid negative consequences for your business.

Don’t let suspensions hinder your online advertising strategy. Choose a reliable solution and ensure the ongoing success of your Google Ads campaigns.

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