Avoiding Bans: 5 Steps to Work with Multiple Profiles on the Same Computer

Discover how the use of multi-login browsers can elevate online security and privacy to a new level. Learn how separate user profiles can enable anonymous and secure browsing, safeguarding your personal information as you scale your business.

While browsing the internet, an increasing number of users are concerned about their online privacy. This concern becomes even more significant when it affects large paid traffic structures and online businesses. The good news is that there are multi-login browsers that offer a robust solution to this issue by allowing the creation of multiple user profiles with separate device data for different activities.

In this article, we will explore how, in addition to this functionality, you can also enhance privacy and security during your experience within Lauth

1. Anonymous and Isolated Browsing

Multi-login browsers enable the creation of individual user profiles, each with its own settings and cookies. This means you can separate your online activities, keeping the trackers and cookies of one account distant from others. This leads to a kind of “anonymous” browsing, reducing the likelihood of being tracked by sites like Facebook and TikTok.

2. Avoiding Data Mixing

By running separate user profiles, you prevent the convergence of data between your activities. This is particularly valuable if you have a team or work for an advertising agency because when switching between personal and professional accounts or different clients, it minimizes the possibility of accidentally sharing information across distinct contexts.

3. Control Over Cookies and Data Storage

With Lauth, you can control which cookies and data are stored for each profile, keeping them isolated in each of the instances. This allows you to choose which information and websites you want to keep active on a specific fingerprint. Having precise control over your accounts, you can enhance your productivity.

4. Protection of Login Information

By using multiple profiles in separate instances, login information such as passwords and usernames (active sessions) is isolated in each of them. Additionally, access is available to the entire team based on their permissions. This reduces the exposure of this data to potential threats, keeping your accounts more secure.

5. Customize Privacy Settings

We offer the advantage of customizing specific privacy settings for each profile. This means you can adjust security according to your needs and preferences, such as protecting access for each instance with a 4-digit password.


Online privacy is a legitimate concern in an increasingly complex digital world. A comprehensive browser like Lauth provides an effective solution to safeguard your personal information while you browse the web. By adopting a structure of separate profiles and users, you can enjoy anonymous, secure, and isolated browsing while maintaining control over your data, thus effectively protecting your online privacy.

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