How to Increase Your Score and Warm Up Profiles on Lauth?

Learn how a well-executed warm-up process is one of the determining factors for the success of your advertisement

Warming up a profile is a crucial strategy for ensuring success when creating advertisements. This practice demonstrates to platforms that the profile belongs to a real person, not created solely for advertising purposes. The steps we’ll discuss today typically take 7-15 days to complete and will signal to the Facebook algorithm that your actions are legitimate.

It’s important to understand that the algorithm recognizes patterns of behavior from users creating new accounts only for advertising. Therefore, it’s essential that you don’t follow these patterns but instead behave like a regular user.

The steps are simple but shouldn’t be overlooked. Additionally, it’s ideal to repeat some of them over the weeks until the account is regularly used.

First Steps of Warming Up

First, create an account with a name and photo (you can use image banks like Generated) and fill in the personal information requested by Facebook for all new users.

Let’s start warming up your Facebook profile by adjusting the settings to your current location. This indicates that you’re using Facebook as a real person and taking advantage of the features the social network offers.

Tip 1: Connect to Apps Integrated with Facebook

After creating and configuring the account, you can perform warming-up actions in the order you prefer. The important thing is to do them. Access your profile in Lauth and create accounts on sites like OLX, Shopee, or those allowing creation through a Facebook account.

Tip 2: Interact with Pages and Groups

Engage with pages and groups of your interest. Like various pages and request entry into several groups. Over the days, interact by commenting on something that interests you.

Tip 3: Use the Marketplace

Show interest in posts, interact, and if possible, start a chat with the advertiser.

Tip 4: Use Messenger and Add More Friends

Add friends recommended by Facebook (don’t do this all at once). Interact with some posts from these profiles and send a “hello.”

Tip 5: Watch and React to Stories

View and react to Stories posted by your friends. This signals to Facebook that you’re an active user consuming content on the social network.

Tip 6: Generate Events and Activate the Purchase Pixel

Show the Pixel that your account also makes online purchases. You don’t need to actually make a purchase; you can do this using scripts.

Tip 7: Explore Your Timeline

Spend some time just observing your timeline. Over time, with new friends and pages you follow, there will be more content for you to see and interact with.

In conclusion, remember to practice these steps over time, not just once. Warming up an account requires patience and strategy. Don’t be a “human robot”; make this activity part of your contingency strategy and make it happen.

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