922 S5 Proxy on Lauth

Integrating a multi-login browser with a high-quality proxy enhances online security by enabling isolated management of multiple accounts. This combination offers comprehensive protection, ensuring robust and reliable digital safety.

The combination of a multi-login browser and a proxy strengthens and completes the security of your framework. The ability to manage and switch between multiple online accounts and identities in isolation is essential. Therefore, integrating with a high-quality proxy enhances the entire experience, providing robust and reliable security.

In this guide, we will detail the process of setting up the 922 Proxy in the Lauth browser.

1. Download the 922 Proxy Application

Click on “Download” and install the proxy application on your computer.

2. Create an Account or Log In to 922 Proxy

If you don’t have an account yet, simply access the 922 Proxy website, create your new account by clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the screen. Or, if you’re already a customer, log in by clicking “Login“.

Within the application itself, you’ll have purchase options available. Select the plan that best fits your framework.

3. Set Up Your First Proxy

Fill in the proxy details as requested: country, state, city, and finish by clicking “Search.

4. Send the selected proxy to your proxy list

Upon conducting the search, create a port by right-clicking on your selected choice and choosing “Forward Port to Proxy“.

Set a desired port.

Add it to your proxy list by clicking on “Port Forward List“.

5. Access your saved Proxy List

In the menu, navigate to “ProxyList” or “Port Forward List” to access your list of saved proxies ready for use.

6. Select a Proxy from the List

From your saved proxy list, choose one of the options and copy the access details by clicking “Copy“. Next, you’ll need to paste this information into Lauth as the next steps will indicate.

7. Create an Account or Log In to Lauth

If you’re already a customer, start your browser by logging in. Or create your first profile in moments through Lauth.

8. Enable Proxy Browsing

  • Click on “Connection and Proxy” in the left sidebar of the browser.
  • You’ll find a button labeled “Browse using proxy“.
  • Toggle this switch to enable proxy browsing.

9. Paste the Information into Lauth

In step 6, you copied your proxy settings. Now, paste them into the appropriate fields in Lauth as demonstrated below:

To facilitate use, personalize a name for your proxy in the “Proxy Name” field. Additionally, activate the button labeled “Save proxy to my proxy list” and save the edits. This action will save the proxy to your list, allowing you to select it directly next time without needing to reconfigure it.

Verify Your Security

Return to the browser page, and you can start using the proxy to browse the internet with the security and stability your framework deserves. If you want to check the proxy data, you can click on the icon associated with it (🔗), then click “Verify Connection,” and the following screen will appear:

There are websites that also check your connection, some examples being Iphey and Pixelscan.

Great job! You’ve integrated your 922 proxy with Lauth. Simply start your profile, and you’ll be able to browse with guaranteed privacy and anonymity.

If you encounter any challenges while integrating your proxy, don’t hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any issues you might face during the process.

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