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Anonymity, security, and integration with Lauth for a protected online experience.

Have you ever considered the importance of using a good proxy provider? Proxies play a crucial role in isolating profiles, providing a vital layer of protection and privacy in increasingly complex online environments. By using a proxy, you can mask your real IP address, and as a result, websites won’t track your accounts. This is particularly valuable in an era where privacy is essential and data security is a constant concern.

Check out some of the differentiators that TabProxy offers:

Real IPs

Real residential IP addresses provide maximum anonymity and security, easily bypassing geographic restrictions, accessing geo-restricted content, and capturing valuable data.

Datacenter IPs with Maximum Speed

Ultra-fast connection speeds and unmatched reliability, high availability, scalability, and flexibility to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to online resources.

ISP IPs with Speed and Reliability Combination

Cost-effective options from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that offer a combination of anonymity and speed. Enjoy the benefits of a real IP address and the additional security of a trusted source.

Walking Alongside Lauth

Certainly, to complement your security and privacy, it’s essential to use a multi-login browser that has strong barriers against constant tracking. At Lauth, we allow you to manage multiple accounts and profiles simultaneously, isolating each browsing session. This is especially useful when dealing with multiple profiles on social networks, email services, or other platforms, ensuring that your activity on each of them remains separate and protected. All of this in the safest and most effective way, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In summary, each service is independent of the other, but together they ensure your online experience is safe, reliable, and worry-free.

Now, enjoy an explanatory video of the proxy integration within Lauth.


In this video, we’ll demonstrate everything from creating a profile to finalizing the integration and checking the fingerprint.

If you have any questions during the integration of your TabProxy with Lauth, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’ll be happy to assist you with the processes.

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