Proxys.IO on Lauth

roxys.IO and Lauth, security and quality are the outcome. Protect your advertising profiles.

Choosing a reliable proxy provider is crucial to ensuring the privacy and security of your accounts. Proxies play a vital role in masking the real IP address, protecting against tracking, and ensuring privacy in complex online environments. Opting for a high-quality proxy offered by a reputable company brings benefits such as consistent performance, reliable connectivity, and high security standards to protect data against leaks.

Proxys.IO Differentiators

24/7 Support

Experts will assist you in resolving issues with proxy selection, purchase, or usage at any time of day or night via email, online chat, or social networks.

24-Hour Refunds

If you’re not satisfied with our services, you can return them within 24 hours of purchase.

Individual IPv4

This proxy version has been widely used for the first time – it works consistently with all sites on the Internet.

Individual IPv6

Next-generation IP addresses. Suitable for most popular social networks.

Convenient Payment Methods

We have a range of payment gateways and 50 payment methods. Choose the most convenient one and pay for your order easily and securely.

Affiliate Program

Receive 20% of every purchase from a user you’ve invited. Forever.

HTTP and SOCKS Protocols

All our proxies can connect using HTTP(s) and SOCKS network protocols.


Following the same train of thought, the choice of your multi-login browser is one of the most important steps when it comes to ensuring the protection of your advertising infrastructure. Lauth integrates seamlessly with Proxy.IO, ensuring the best of both worlds. Both services complement each other, so be with your strong base to guarantee the stability of your accounts.

Integration Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial of the step-by-step integration of Proxy.IO with Lauth, covering all steps from login to fingerprint verification.

If you encounter any questions during the integration of Proxy with Lauth, please feel free to contact our Lauth support team through our channels. We’ll be glad to assist you in resolving any issues.

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