360Proxy in Lauth

When running ads, ensuring the security and stability of your accounts is crucial for the success of your campaigns. In this context, the use of proxies plays a fundamental role in effectively isolating your assets, protecting against potential suspensions, and allowing greater control over your operations.

However, it is equally important to rely on quality companies to provide these services, ensuring reliability and consistent performance. We are pleased to recommend a company known for providing reliable and secure proxy solutions, essential for the success of your campaigns.

360 Proxy

They offer two types of IP networks: Residential Proxy and Static Proxy.

Residential or Static Proxies

  • Residential: Used to access and target the most sophisticated websites, these rotating residential IPs allow you to fully emulate a real user.
  • Static: With real residential IPs provided directly through ISPs, these IPs are better suited for use cases that require permanent, non-rotating IPs or for those who need a small number of residential IPs.


360Proxy is compatible with any software, but success depends on the quality of the software. It is recommended to use a reliable anti-detection bot that has browser fingerprint substitution, such as Lauth.

The Multi-Login

In addition to the importance of using proxies to isolate your assets, selecting a reliable multi-login browser is crucial for the protection and stability of your ad structure. Lauth stands out in this regard, offering easy and effective integration with 360Proxy, providing the best of both worlds. By combining them, you strengthen your foundation and ensure the stability of your accounts, guaranteeing peace of mind and success in your online advertising campaigns.


Below is a step-by-step video tutorial on integrating 360Proxy with Lauth, covering all stages from login to fingerprint verification.

Remember, feel free to contact the 360Proxy or Lauth team to resolve any doubts during the process. We hope your journey is a success!

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